TV Push2Web Service

Realtime Integration –
Push your TV spot
information into your
web analytics tool

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Automatic recognition of TV commercials in real-time

Automatic integration of your TV spot data into your web analytics system in real-time

Data-driven optimization of cross-channel media planning as well as audience creation

This is our TV Push2Web service.

  • Real-time integration of your TV spot information into your web analytics system (tool-independent)
  • Fully automated integration of all available TV meta-data into your existing varible/dimension reporting structure
  • Proven and reliable IT architecture
  • User behaviour can be measured over all existing metrics (e.g. conversion goals)
  • Comparisons can be made with all other traffic sources or channels
  • First step towars e.g. attribution models and media-mix-modelling

“Via Push2Web, I can recognize which website visitor can be counted as TV-induced. And this then provides me with answers to the questions, who is my client? Where does my client live? What are my client`s interests? And many more…“


„I want my TV audience to directly buy concessional products that are shown in the TV spot. Push2Web provides me with a direct success measurement, as I can see if the visitors buy on the specifically optimized landing page or not.“


„Even if visitors decided not to buy the product, I am now able to retrieve them. I can flag them as TV-induced with a pixel and retarget them via advertising activities like display or Facebook. So that they buy in the end after all.“


„One TV spot costs 15000 on average. But I still don`t know if it is successful. With Push2Web I can define performance indicators that tell me how successful my TV spot has been. Now I can react if necessary.“


„Thanks to Push2Web all the TV analysis-data will automatically be transferred into my web analytics tool. I save time as I don`t have to take care of it and don`t have to learn a new tool.“


„With Push2Web I can finally compare the behavior of my TV-induced audience to all other sources/audiences and draw conclusions about the impact of TV spots.“


„Thanks to Push2Web I can identify the value of TV advertising in my customer journey. Did a customer buy because of an AdWords campaign or because of my TV spot? Push2Web gives me the answer and helps me to allocate my budget of future campaigns to the most successful channels.“


The TV Push2Web Service: A short summary.

The aim of our TV Push2Web Service is a real-time integration of your TV spot information into your existing web analytics system. Numerous TV spot informations are available: e.g. region, channel, broadcast program, genre, ad-name, ad-position, ad-length, etc.

Via this integration, the on-site behavior of users, who have entered the client`s website during a TV spot, will be measureable for all existing metrics and conversion goals. Comparisons to other traffic sources or channels will be possible. The TV data integration can also be a step towards  an enhancement of your web analytics data for future analyses based on raw data. To give an example, our team is also experienced in attribution modelling and media-mix-modelling and is of course available at all times for expert advice.

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