Link Manager

Generation and management of
campaign URLs –
consistent, accurate, efficient

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Simple selection of your campaign data

Tracking links are created and automatically checked

Campaign start

Automatic import into your web analytics tool

This is the Link Manager.

  • Automatic check of all generated tracking links
  • Consistent, structured and centrally accessible data set
  • Automatic export to other tools, for example web analytics tools, to enrich campaign reports
  • Central login for all users, flexible access rights management
  • Custom configuration of tracking code
  • Contains Link Shortener:
    • Customer-specific short domain
    • QR codes with customer logo
    • Descriptive short links

"We rely on this important tool and it is fully integrated in our online marketing set-up"
Jorne Goosen, Online Marketing Manager, BMW Group Nederland

This is how our customers benefit.

Campaign tracking process

  • Prepare campaign media plans (how many flights, which types of ads, etc.)
  • Generate valid and consistent tracking links
  • Analyse enrichted campaign data in your web analytics tool

Automatic tests

  • Automatic error checks guarantee valid tracking links
  • No link generation possible for wrong or missing combination of values
  • Hash values are automatically added at the end of each URL

Tailored profiles

  • Profiles are configured according to each customer’s requirements
  • Consistent structure of all profiles ensures a global comparability of campaigns

Tracking code variations

  • A “tracking code” is the parameter that is added to the destination URL
  • Tracking codes can be configured flexibly depending on your requirements – e.g. unique ID, unique ID plus prefix, abbreviation or parameter chain

Branded short URLs and QR codes

  • Two short URL alternatives: Short ID or descriptive URL
  • For each short URL, a QR code is automatically generated (e.g. for printed flyers)
  • The short URL can be configured to match your specifications to improve branding effects in social media or newsletters

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