TV Uplift-Analysis Dashboard

Analyse the success of your
TV campaigns in the
uplift-analysis dashboard

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Automatic recognition of TV commercials in real-time

Analyse the success in your dashboard on campaign-, ad- and broadcast-level

Use this data to optimize the media planning and steering of your TV commercials

This is the TV2Web Uplift-Analysis Dashboard.

  • Automatic recognition of your TV commercials in real-time for the whole DACH region
  • Optimize TV flights via the dashboard on campaign-, ad- and broadcast-level
  • No whitewashing! Clear filters for uplifts, web effects and influences on conversions via the marketing channel TV
  • Integrated competitor analysis: How do my competitors book their campaigns? What kind of influence does that have on my own campaign?
  • Simple integration of offline data (e.g. costs & GRP)
  • Data-driven TV analysis instead of „bullshit & lies“ sales mentality

This is our TV2Web Dashboard.

„Thanks to the TV2Web Dashboard, I am able to immediately recognize how many website uplifts and conversions can really be traced back to our TV spots.”


„The TV2Web Dashboard gives me a quick overview of the most important KPIs of TV induced website visitors. For example, I want to know how many GRPs I have to buy to get one conversion!”


„Finally a tool that gives me recommendations which are independent from my media planner's gut feeling. I feel more comfortable knowing that there are evaluations of my own data behind such decisions.”


„Using the TV2Web dashboard, it takes only two campaigns at the latest for me to recognize the great value of media planning based on dashboard recommendations. We use a budget split similar to classic A/B Testing during the second campaign.”


„Are my TV commercials financially profitable? The TV2Web Dashboard gives me the answer.”


„The TV2Web Dashboard shows me exactly where and when my competitors book their TV advertising; it helps me to optimize my own strategies.”


The TV2Web Dashboard: A short summary.

The dashboard has been developed in order to provide our clients with the right tool to measure the web effects of their TV flights and use this information as a basis for an optimization of marketing activities and achieving conversion goals.

On the one hand we want our clients to be able to evaluate the success of their TV campaigns at a glance. On the other hand we want them to have the possibility to carry out advanced in-depth analyses and to analyse causes of detected anomalies down to the smallest details.

Our in-depth analyses are based on all the meta-information of each of your TV broadcasts, e.g. day of week, daypart, channel, ad position, program, genre, etc.

Together we want to discover trends within the TV spot`s web effects and determine the tops and flops of your TV spots based on traffic- and conversion-uplifts as well as proportionate costs. Use your newly acquired findings for media planning and increase your ROI.



To analyse on the most granular level of your data base, we merge your TV spot data with your web analytics raw data. In addition to uplift filters, that depend on probability distribution over time, we adjust your analyses for example via geolocation and traffic source filters.

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